seaweed candies

Strawberry Flavor

With an irresistible strawberry flavor, seaweed candies are delicious and natural. In addition to having algar-algar, which is an extract rich in minerals and vegetable fibers, they have a gluten-free production and Sweet quality seal. Its natural composition has specific ingredients and is ideal for you.

Sweet seaweed candies with strawberry flavor
Amount Per Serving 7g (1 unity) %VD
Calories 21kca = 87 kj 1%
Carbohydrates 5,2g 2%
Protein 0g **
Total Fat 0g **
Saturated Fat 0g **
Trans Fat 0g **
Dietary Fiber 0g **
Sodium 0mg **
Percent Daily Values ae based on a 2000kcal diet. Gluten free.
ngredients: agar-agar, corn glucose, organic sugar, aroma identical to strawberry natural and anthocyanin dye