Sweet jelly

A genuinely Brazilian company based in the city of Suzano in the state of São Paulo.


Founded in 1979 with the aim of manufacturing natural products. Its main product is Sweet Jelly, better known as “seaweed bullets”, a product 100% natural and unlike any other bullets on the market. Concerned about expanding its product line, Sweet also has Gellim and Banana Crock.


Quality, aiming at the well-being and good health of our consumers. Therefore, since its foundation, Sweet is concerned with maintaining the quality of its products, investing in modern equipment, highly qualified professionals and differentiated service to our customers and consumers.



Continue to be a reference in the food market producing seaweed and sweet algae based on natural products, be it with new manufacturing technologies, as well as innovations of products that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our main objective is to work with commitment and pioneering to bring to our customers and consumers innovative, healthy and high quality products that aim for their well-being and good health.

Social responsability

Sweet Jelly supports the NGO IFoB (Instituto Fazer o Bem), which started its activities in April 2005, based on the common ideals of a group of friends, sensitized by the unfavorable situation of philanthropic entities.

On the occasion, with the proximity of Easter, one of the current members of the institute visited the ASA (Suzanne Association of Assistance) and identified that the meals needed to complement, from there, in contact with friends, were collected food and chocolate eggs for distribution and delivery to children.

The NGO was born, which had the objective to offer aid to this and similar entities.
Sweet Jelly is pleased to partner with IFoB and contribute to the growth and development of those most in need.

Learn more at: http://www.institutofazerobem.org.br